Fruit Fly Control Products- For Homeowners Tired of Shooing the Flies

Choosing a Fruit Fly Control Product

Anytime there is a pest swarming around food, homeowners often want to do anything they can to get rid of these bugs. The difficulty is getting rid of pests that are attracted to human food, are found indoors and are in and around areas where people eat. This can limit the type of products homeowners can apply safely. Fruit fly control products are something many homeowners need to consider when they seem to be constantly affected by these tiny, pesky bugs. Safe and effective fruit fly control products are the key to keeping these flying pests away from food. As with most types of flies, fruit flies can carry harmful bacteria. Keeping these bugs off food and out of the house can be tricky thanks to the fly’s ability to quickly reproduce and leave behind eggs.

Traps, Glue, Tapes and Sprays

When it comes to killing fruit flies, homeowners can be frustrated with thinking they killed the problem only to return a few hours later and find more. It seems like the problem never ends with these tiny flying pests. Fruit flies can enter a living area embedded in the fruit or vegetables that are brought home from the store. A fruit fly problem can also be a result of open invitations in the way of fruit- especially bananas- that sit on counter spaces over ripened, aromatic and major fruit fly attractors. Some of the following fruit fly control products can effectively remove the pests for homeowners:
    Fruit Fly Trap 2500 by Terro
  • Fast acting fruit fly trap with a vinegar based attractor
  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use
  • Safe for use around food, children and pets
    Short Traps with Refillable Lure and Sticky Cards by Contech
  • Reusable fruit fly traps that are environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic, pesticide free product that simply requires the addition of water
  • Proven to be more effective than other leading traps
    Glass Fruit Fly Traps by SpringStar
  • A decorative refillable glass container trap that is environmentally friendly and pesticide free
  • Can catch as many as 300 fruit flies
  • Primarily intended for indoor use
    Flying Insect Killer by Raid
  • Effective exterminator of multiple flying bug types including fruit flies
  • Food and cooking utensils should not be exposed during application
  • Not safe for use around animals
  • Requires an affected area to be closed off for up to 15 minutes to be the most effective
    Fruit flies have a relatively short life cycle (on average about 7 days) if a homeowner doesn’t swat them earlier. But fruit flies also have a quick and prolific reproductive cycle that can be incredibly frustrating to homeowners. Selecting the right fruit fly control product will help a homeowner stay on top of the pest issue.

    Other Fruit Fly Locations

    Many homeowners are surprised to find fruit flies zooming around inside their pantries. At the thought of disposing an entire food supply to get rid of these little but dirty pests, homeowners have several fruit fly control product options. There are even food safe traps such as ones intended for pantries that last as much as six weeks which can also exterminate any existing fruit fly eggs. If fruit flies tend to pile up in the garbage area of a home, a trap utilizing glue boards or sticky attractors may be the best option. Flyweb traps have removable glueboards that are easy to install and replace. Disposing of used glue boards should be done regularly to prevent the attraction of other pests.

    What to Watch For

    If a homeowner is experiencing a fruit fly problem that they simply can’t get a handle on, finding the source of the issue will be the key. Organic based fruit is thought to be healthier but it is also not coated in some of the protective pesticides that have kept fruit flies out of homes previously. Other things to consider are washing fruit and vegetables as soon as they are brought indoors in order to minimize any potential fruit fly issue. Fruit flies are more of an annoyance than a major health risk to humans. However, there is nothing appetizing about a bug being found in and around food. Getting on the fruit fly problem early with the right pest control products will help a homeowner to minimize any bacteria exposure. Continuing to use the product for several days after the initial extermination will also help to reduce the chance for egg growth and maturation.

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