Fly Control Products - From Swatters to Sprays

Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me

Nothing can drive a person as nutty as pesky flies in a room. The disease and disgust with flies is rooted in the fact that they enjoy nasty things such as dog piles, garbage and all things rotten. And yet, these pests still seem to find their way to the perfectly good food you were about to put in your mouth. To make matters worse, chasing flies is no easy task. They seem to be incredibly fast and survive many of the standard fly control products, including the swipe of a shoe, rolled-up magazine or fly swatter. There are several different types of fly pest control products available, from aerosol sprays to traps, to all-natural methods and unique, high-tech options. Selecting the right fly control product for a homeowner’s situation can be the difference between having a fly problem that never seems to go away and not having one at all.

Traps, Sprays and Super Sprays

Keeping uninvited flies away from a backyard barbecue or even out of a homeowner’s indoor space can feel like a never-ending battle. Wherever there is garbage, food and water, flies will be inviting themselves in for a meal or two. There are a wide range of fly control products that can help a homeowner stay on top of these dirty pests: Flies Be Gone Fly Trap
  • Uses a specialized biomass fly bait to attract and capture flies
  • Kills up to 20,000 flies per bag
  • Effective for four weeks and a range of 50 to 100 yards
  • Completely insecticide-free
  • The trap is disposable for easy homeowner maintenance
Yard Guard Outdoor Fogger by Raid
  • Works for extensive outdoor fly issues
  • Keeps bugs out of an approximately 20-foot area for about six hours
  • Repels multiple types of pests including flies
Victor M502 Disposable Fly Trap
  • Attracts and traps flies in an enclosed container
  • Outdoor use only - especially because the non-toxic bait has an extremely unpleasant odor
  • The fly trap is completely disposable
Victor Poison-Free M500 Indoor Fly Trap
  • A trap designed specifically for indoor use with no offensive odors
  • Utilizes three-dimensional patterns and colors in conjunction with a specialized glue
  • The trap lasts up to eight weeks
  • Homeowners can hang the trap or leave it as a stand-alone item on a window sill, shelf or other area where flies frequent.

Unexpected Fly Repellents

The old fly swatter that is hanging in a closet somewhere used to be as high tech as it got for fly control products. But these days there are unique and unusual products, such as the mosquito- and fly-repelling digital watch. Ultrasonic Sound markets a watch that utilizes ultrasonic frequency that is safe for humans and animals, but is supposed to be a great repellent for flies. There is also an electric fly swatter with a relatively benign version that uses AA batteries and will electrocute a fly upon impact. But there is another version that uses two D-sized batteries to create 1500 volts of power. An option for the hiker, camper or always-prepared mom is the Buzz Away Insect Repellent Towelettes. The small, individually packaged towelettes are made from essential plant oils including citronella. The sweet, citrus scent can steer flies away, as well as other outdoor pests. Their compact size makes them easy to keep in a purse, pocket or backpack.

What to Watch For

When selecting a fly control product, a homeowner should always be sure to consider where the product is going to be used and who or what will be around the trap. Sticky tape traps can be perfect for hanging around a garbage can, but they can also be at the perfect height for a curious kiddo to touch. The level of toxins being used in a product is also a concern, particularly if being used indoors. Every product is typically clear on whether it is an indoor or outdoor product. Keeping an outdoor product away from an indoor type can help ensure they are not used in the wrong location. Pets are another factor to consider when applying fly pest control products. The pet rabbit that sometimes nibbles on backyard grass, the cat that might be hiding in the backyard vegetation or the dog that never seems to stay out of where he or she shouldn’t be are all reasons to be sure the fly removal product is safe.

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