How to Tackle Fleas in the House

Methods for Ridding Your Home of Fleas

If you've noticed fleas in your home, on your skin or on your pet, then it's time to take proactive steps to fight back. One of the most effective things that you can do is to vacuum your home on a regular basis, as this will trap and kill fleas quickly. If you have a furniture or fabric vacuum attachment, use it on couches, chairs, drapes and bedding to ensure that no fleas have invaded these spaces.

You should also wash any and all affected fabrics, such as bedding, in hot water upon the first signs of flea activity. This will kill fleas and their eggs, essentially destroying their ability to reproduce.

If you're facing fleas that have invaded the carpeting, you may want to purchase or rent a steam cleaner machine to go over every square inch in order to destroy any fleas or eggs. There are also a number of flea powders available to use on carpeting that are safe to use in killing fleas and their eggs.

You can also use foggers and sprays to kill off and prevent fleas. Many of these products contain toxic materials, so make sure to follow proper safety precautions when using them. Most foggers will need to be used over the course of 24 hours, and no human or pet should enter the home for at least 24 hours after a fogger has been used.

Treating Your Pets

One of the most obvious signs that a pet is being affected by fleas is excessive itching or red, irritated skin. To cut down on their exposure, keep your pets away from tall grasses, weeds and wooded areas while they are outside. You can also use medications to treat the pet's skin and coat it for fleas on a monthly basis, and this prevents them from hitching a ride into your home from the outside. If your pets have problems with over-the-counter flea medications, you should speak with your veterinarian for more advanced options.

You can also bathe your pets with flea shampoos for excellent results. Many pet owners who are dealing with fleas also purchase pet collars that have been infused with permethrin or other pyrethroids. These agents act as repellents to fleas for longer periods of time, allowing your pet and your home to remain flea free.

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