Overcoming Earwigs In-House

While it is necessary for us to coexist in a world of pests, sharing a home with them is something that can quickly become overwhelming. Infestations can wreak havoc on happy homes as certain species cause intolerable discomfort. Those who have discovered earwigs in house know exactly how devastating this type of home invasion can be.

What Are Earwigs?

The earwig is an elongated and flattened insect and can vary in color from light red to black. Those attempting to identify an insect suspected to be an earwig should inspect the end of its abdomen. Here will be two appendages that resemble forceps.

Are Earwigs in House Dangerous to Humans?

While many misconceive that ear wigs are capable of pinching or stinging with their forceps, this is a myth. Earwigs lack a poison sac and avoid people. Even in the rare event that the forceps break the skin, there is nothing harmful to administer.

Others fear that earwigs can infiltrate the human ear, possibly as far as the brain, and it's no wonder where this misconception originated. The very name "earwig" stems from the old English belief that the bug crawls inside of the ear to hide. However, this is also incorrect.

How Can Earwigs Damage the Home?

Fortunately, earwigs do not bore out wood or otherwise cause damage to homes. Neither do they threaten the health of human inhabitants. Although they sound easy enough to live with, they are known to cause severe damage to plants. Homeowners who raise and store fruits and vegetables can quickly be faced with a large army set out to pillage and destroy their crops.

In large numbers, earwigs in house creates an uncomfortable environment for those living there. While lacking health threats, their long bodies and fast movements can be disgusting and embarrassing.

Overcoming Earwigs in House: Start Outside

While it may seem logical to attack the earwigs from within, it is most effective to start by killing off the next generation. Earwigs lay their eggs outdoors along the sides of the home, and they should first be killed off. Next, it is detrimental to cover all possible entrances.

Once the home is secure from the outside, bugs still inside can be trapped by poking holes in a container filled with a small amount of vegetable oil.

Call the Professionals

It can be difficult to do the most efficient job of sealing the house up from future outdoor attacks. The most effective way to rid a house of earwigs is to invest in a professional with experience who can get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today for more information.

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