Earwig Control Products- That REALLY Wig Out Bugs

Effective Earwig Control Products

Finding an earwig control product specific for these water loving pests can be difficult. Most earwig control products are placed in a general insecticide category. These insecticide products are designed for ‘crawling’ bugs which works effectively to exterminate and/or repel bugs that can be pests to outdoor living areas, gardens and homes. Finding earwigs underneath a rock is one thing. Finding the brown bugs with their daunting pincer tails in your kitchen sink or bathtub is an entirely different issue. The pincers on an earwig are typically a defense mechanism for predators and not a weapon for humans. But a bite or a pinch from an earwig can still hurt! Not to mention that the bugs are often found around trash and rot. Getting these bugs out of sight and out of mind for homeowners quickly with the right earwig control products***

Sprays, Traps and Even Crumbles

Effective earwig control products come in a wide variety of forms. Earwigs primarily live outside in damp, dark and wet areas, but will make their way inside seeking similar conditions. Sinks where somebody forgot to run the garbage disposal is often a favorite hideout. Some of the following products are great for on the spot extermination action:
    Earwig Traps by SSET
  • Traps are containers that homeowners can use with their own bait types such as soy sauce, ripened fruit or fish oil
  • Bait can be 100% safe in the event traps are located in areas exposed to pets and children
  • The traps can be cleaned and reused
    Ortho Home Defense
  • Kills earwigs along with ants, spiders, fleas and other insects
  • Product works indoors and outdoors
  • Odorless
  • Repels earwigs and kills them on contact
Homeowners need to read the packaging information carefully when it comes to earwig control products. Many insecticides are designed to be used only in dry areas or are not intended for indoor application. Other products should not be used around pets, children or vegetation that is edible. Organic solutions or non-toxic earwig control products can help to reduce the risk of accidental chemical ingestion or exposure.

Long Term Earwig Issues

One of the difficulties with exterminating these bugs is finding an earwig control product that works indoors as well as outdoors. Some of the following products are great options for homeowners with an earwig infestation issue:
    Outdoor Ant and Roach Killer by Raid
  • Kills most crawling bugs including earwigs
  • For outdoor use only
  • Thoroughly yard spray should be repeated every four weeks
    Earwig and Sowbug Bait by Excel Marketing
  • Outdoor product that works effectively around gardens, vegetables and fruits
  • Strength of product not diluted by rain
  • Designed for multiple garden bugs including crickets, beetles, centipedes and ants
    Bug Geta Plus by Ortho
  • Product can kill earwigs but be used readily around edible garden elements including fruits and vegetables
  • Water from sprinklers or rain does not dilute the effectiveness of the solution
  • Crumble formula type isn’t as attractive to pets
Homeowners with an earwig pest control problem have many options for the type of product they want to use to protect their home and their outdoor living areas. It may take a combination of indoor traps and outdoor products to completely eliminate the pest issue.

What Homeowners Should Watch For

Finding one or two earwigs once in a while is one thing, but continuously finding earwigs suggests a larger issue. If a homeowner continues to find traps loaded with the pinching pests, it may be necessary to look further into the source of the bug problem. Alternatively, if the bugs keep showing up inside despite attempts to keep them outdoors, changing to a more aggressive earwig control product may be required. Homeowners should always be careful to consider the potential effects of the general pesticide products that are used for earwig extermination. The products may effectively kill earwigs, but they can also kill other bugs that can be healthy or helpful to a garden. Overuse of the product can also lead to damaging plants and soil that is exposed to the chemicals and building tolerance among some insect types. Carefully balancing the pest control product type and the application will lead to the best results.

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