Earwig Control and Prevention

Overall Prevention

Prevention is usually the easiest and most effective way to get rid of earwigs. More than other pests, earwigs are easy to stop and more easily discouraged from entering into homes. Here are some ways to prevent earwigs from entering:

  • Install weather strips around the doors and windows. These areas are often moist and drafty, which are perfect for earwigs to fester in.
  • Drains are another moist environment earwigs thrive in. Make sure yours are working properly to avoid standing water.
  • Basements and foundations provide other breeding grounds for earwigs to utilize. Keep it dry, clean, and uncluttered for the best prevention against them.

Outdoor Prevention

Protecting the outside of your home and making it inhospitable to earwigs is integral to their prevention. Here's how to control and prevent earwigs from the outside:

  • Use store-bought pesticide sprays and apply them along the perimeter of your home. Make sure the product is made to resolve adult earwigs and their eggs.
  • Have a contractor inspect the drains and foundation for drainage problems. Make repairs where necessary. Install pebbles near drainage points instead of soil to help the area dry faster. Make sure the drains point in a downward slope so that standing water is minimized.
  • Maintain door jambs and wooden window sills. These moistened areas are prime real estate to earwigs. Keep up the paint and sealants and use caulk as needed. Replace any wood that is damaged or rotten.

Earwigs: Easy to Control with Effort

With a little bit of effort in using the above tips, you can eliminate earwigs from your home just through prevention. Despite the little threat they pose, you'll want to get rid of them immediately to avoid risking an infestation. Putting a minimal effort towards keeping earwigs out of home can stop an infestation.

If prevention and control isn't enough to keep earwigs out of your home, get in touch with a professional pest exterminator to find a different solution to your problem.

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