Do Hedgeapples Work in Getting Rid of Spiders?

There are many unconventional methods in getting rid of spiders, but the hedgeapple, or osage-orange, is one of the more unlikely and creative pest control methods against any kind of pest.

The strange fruit, known scientifically as Maclura promifera, resembles a cross between a small honeydew melon and the spiky durian fruit. It has various names apart from osage-orange and the hedgeapple – the two most common – including the horse-apple (Texas), bois d’arc (France), and bodark.

Although the hedgeapple emits a slight citrus-like scent, it is actually classified in the same family as the mulberry. In spite of this, the citrus scent is the main reason why the fruit has grown popular as spider control alternative. Citrus sprays have been around for years as a more natural pesticide option to getting rid of pests, including spiders. The fact that the hedgeapple is widely seen as a type of citrus makes it seem like a viable method in getting rid of spiders.

It should be noted that there is very few evidence that this actually occurs. Although some spiders are indeed repelled by citrus oils, these are more likely taken from oranges and lemons rather than hedgeapples. In addition, the extracted component called elemol has been found to repel mosquitoes, but not specifically spiders. Despite all this, many have sworn to the hedgeapple’s viability as a pest control method against spiders by purchasing hedgeapples and leaving them in open containers around the house.

So do hedgeapples really work in getting rid of spiders? It is difficult to say without any proven evidence. Many homeowners have successfully used them as a way to get rid of spiders, but until further research is performed, serious spider issues should be referred to a professional pest control service for immediate solutions. They may not use a quirky technique like placing hedgeapples around the house, but they can certainly use other methods that are tried and true in getting rid of spiders.

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