Do Carpenter Ants Bite?

Household pest control can be challenging. There are so many bugs and creepy-crawlies to contend with it can seem overwhelming. Spiders, roaches and stinging insects are potentially more than a nuisance, if they spread disease or cause serious injury. Other insects can inflict major damage to the home itself. Whoever can answer the question “Do carpenter ants bite?” will be in good shape to control these pests.

Common Household Pests

Carpenter ants are an invasive pest known for infiltrating wooden structures. Decks, porches and house supports are susceptible to damage from these buggers. Unlike termites, consuming wood for food, carpenter ants seek wood for building nests. Sawdust in an unexpected area can tip off a homeowner that carpenter ants are on the premises. With over a thousand varieties these guys can be remarkably resilient. Homeowners wondering, do carpenter ants bite, will be seeking details.

Treating Carpenter Infestation

Once a homeowner sees large-headed, black ants, he or she may wonder, "Do carpenter ants bite people or just wood?" Carpenters definitely chomp on wood. Check the crawlspace and inspect the sub floor regularly. Any evidence of unwanted buggy activity could reasonably lead to calling a reputable pest control service. To avoid additional damage, do not wait. Trained and experienced in observing the signs of carpenter ants, professional exterminators make handling these critters worry free. Potential problems can be nipped in the bud.

A homeowner may want to handle extermination him or herself. This seems like an inexpensive solution. Finding the correct type of insecticides and handling them properly is not impossible for many people, but be sure to read all the warnings on the labels. Knowing the enemy is also a benefit. For instance, termites cannot survive without a source of water. How do carpenter ants bite? Will it affect treatment? With their tenacity, spraying the visible nest area may not be enough to completely get rid of them. The ant holes may be sprayed and filled with wood putty leading the homeowner to think the problem is solved. Yet within a few days, the ants may be back. They simply make new holes into and out of their chosen nesting area.

Professionals for a Reason

Questions homeowners ask when handling a pest problem on their own, might be valuable to ask a professional pest controller. Does the treatment harm my family or pets? Will this cause permanent damage to my home? Will there be ongoing inspection and treatment? Of course, a licensed, professional exterminator will provide knowledgeable and satisfactory answers to these questions as well as to the question, do carpenter ants bite? Contacting the nearest professional exterminator sooner can prevent a bigger problem later.

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