Cricket Control Products- Sprays, Traps and Powders That Work!

Capturing Cricket

The chirp of a cricket is normally a tell tale sign of summer evenings. But the chirping can also be a sleep-depriving annoyance. Crickets can also be highly destructive to a garden or crops. Finding the right cricket control products will help a homeowner to keep a handle on the cricket population while putting a lid on the chirping. Especially when a cricket has made its way indoors, homeowners often have difficulty finding these noisy pests. Crickets also eat natural fibers such as wool and silk which can be an unexpected surprise for homeowners.

The Right Outdoor Product

Crickets enjoy moist areas that are rich in vegetation, especially rotting vegetation. Gutters and weed infested areas are popular hot spots for crickets which should encourage homeowners to keep up with their chores. Some of the following products are great pest control options for homeowners hampered by crickets:
    Gardening Bug & Pest Killer by Diatect
  • Odor free so it doesn’t detract from the scent of growing florals
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to spread powder formula
  • Safe for pets and humans
    Organic Lawn & Garden Insect Killer by Nature’s Touch
  • A general insecticide that is highly effective for crickets
  • Key ingredients are botanical oils and natural herbs
  • Completely organic and safe for use around humans and pets
    Extreme Insect Control by the Garden Guy
  • Diatomaceous earth that can be used long term
  • Product does not lead to immunity for crickets
  • Dead crickets should be visible within 48 hours of use
  • Odorless
Selecting the right cricket control product can help a homeowner protect their garden from nibbled edges.

Keeping the Chirp Out of Earshot

Finding the right cricket control product can be difficult depending on where the nest of these pests are located. Generally crickets prefer to burrow outside in the comfort of soil and dirt but once in a while when they will make their way indoors. Finding a product that can effectively kill crickets without damaging garden vegetation a homeowner doesn’t want to impact as well as being non-toxic enough to be used indoors can be a challenge. Some of the following products can be great extermination options for the outdoors as well as safe enough to be used inside:
    House & Garden Bug Killer by Raid
  • Product is safe for indoor use without risking damage to wood flooring, draperies and carpeting
  • Easy to dispense in openings, cracks and crevices
  • Effective in flower or other types of ornamental vegetation
  • Not for use on edible garden plants
  • Should be used minimally around seedlings or young plants
    Spider & Cricket Traps by Eaton
  • An effective glue trap
  • Mess-free traps that are pre-baited
  • Non-poisonous traps (however, any dog or cat can get their fir stuck in the trap if they happen to come across the traps)
  • Great for use in areas such as basements, near potential entry points for crickets, on porches and in garages
  • The trap is not generally weather proof and should not be left exposed in a garden
Finding the right type of cricket control product for a homeowner’s particular problem will be the difference between listening to the crickets chirp and actually getting some sleep. Homeowners should be careful to consider the instructions of their selected product. Before applying the product to a garden area, homeowners should pay particularly close attention to information about whether the product can be used on edible vegetation.

What to Watch For

Crickets like most other elements in nature are part of the ecosystem that needs to be balanced. The difficulty comes when there are too many pests in one area. Crickets by themselves can be more of an annoyance to homeowners but crickets happen to be a favorite snack for other types of pests. Chameleons, frogs and birds are all drawn to a meal of crickets. This can bring an entirely different set of pest problems for homeowners. Keeping the right balance of bugs, pests and chirping outdoors can give a homeowner a beautiful garden. Using the right cricket control product will also help a homeowner to stop the chirping and ultimately give them some much needed shut eye.

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