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How to Get Rid of Crazy Ants

The crazy ant is a species of ant introduced accidentally to northern Australia where it quickly became a pest. Although not native to North America, the crazy ant has been found in the area in some occurrences. The crazy ant is among the 100 most destructive insect species, and as an invasive pest, it can be especially harmful. Crazy ants are able to nest in almost anything and are known to destroy plant wildlife, crops and occasionally homes and other building structures. They can also be detrimental to native ant species. This has left many wondering how to get rid of crazy ants.

Many homeowners and farmers who have learned how to get rid of crazy ants have found that pesticides are often the most effective method to eliminate these pests. Many times, pesticides are sprayed over large areas to prevent these pests. If you are experiencing problems with this pest and are wondering how to get rid of crazy ants, consider calling a professional exterminator.

Do-It-Yourself Crazy Ant Control

  • To get rid of crazy ants, keep all electrical appliances out of sight before they get chewed on and destroyed.
  • Maintaining a dry atmosphere around the home is one of the best ways to keep crazy ants away.
  • Tracking down the nest of crazy ants is the only way to get rid of them once and for all.
  • Used special organic and non-toxic insecticides to approved by the Texas legislature to spray their nests and get rid of crazy ants.
  • Crazy ants can pose a serious danger to a home, so contact your local pest service experts while you can!

Implement Crazy Ant Control in Your Home

  • More than 150 species of crazy ants exist throughout the world.
  • Crazy ants cause damage to homes, specifically electronics.
  • Crazy ants deliver a painful sting that can be lethal in some cases.

Need Crazy Ant Control? – Call a Pest Control Expert

  • Pest control providers should guarantee a crazy ant solution in a timely fashion once notified of the problem.
  • Qualified pest exterminators should be able to eliminate crazy ants humanely and safely, without leaving dangerous poisons or traps around your home.

Crazy Ant Control Is Essential for Many Homes

Several varieties of crazy ants exist throughout the world, including the yellow crazy ant and the crazy raspberry ant. These ants are nicknamed “crazy” because of their erratic behavior and movements, which seem unplanned and sporadic. Most crazy ants prefer warm and moist environments, and are thus found near the coast.

Crazy ants generally grow to about three millimeters in length and have small reddish hairs. Most varieties of crazy ants are attracted to electrical wires and electronic equipment including hair dryers, air conditioners, and televisions. The ants tend to chew through the wires and damage the equipment, costing homeowners millions of dollars each year.

Without proper prevention and protection, crazy ant populations can reproduce rapidly. Crazy ants have recently become a problem in states such as Texas, and the Environmental Protection Agency approved the use of fipronil, a potent pesticide, in 2008 for crazy ant control. The ants tend to grow and cover approximately a half mile per year if left unchecked.

A pest management company can offer a solution to crazy ant infestations. With professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the crazy ant solution they seek. The best part of hiring an experienced exterminator is that they have the knowledge and expertise to do it right from the beginning. Call a professional exterminator today!