Guidelines for Preventing Cockroaches- Terminix Roach Solutions

There are approximately 4,000 different species of cockroaches. Terminix pest control classifies four of the varieties as household pests, but any roach inside a house is a pest to that homeowner. Cockroaches are rather large insects capable of withstanding many hardships. They can survive without food for a month and thrive on morsels as miniscule as the glue on the back of a stamp. They love garbage, so it is not surprising to learn that many diseases are harbored by cockroaches. Terminix, or Termenix as it is sometimes misspelled, has put together a comprehensive list of cockroach prevention guidelines. With so many different types of roaches it would seem impossible to deter them all. In truth, most of the guidelines suggested will not only help prevent most types of roaches they can also be used to keep other pests from entering your home or business. The following tips focus on the four species of cockroaches Terminix uncovers in the average household:
  • Yellow light bulbs called bug-lights can reduce the number of insects, including cockroaches, that are attracted to your home. Keeping the lights off or using motion-detectors, so the lights are only one for a brief period of time, are also options you can employ.
  • Most roaches spend 80% of their lives living in small spaces like cracks in a building’s foundation. Sealing all cracks in your home’s exterior takes away the roaches preferred living space.
  • Some species spend summers outdoors and then come inside during the winter, like Oriental cockroaches. Terminix highly recommends installing screens over all vents to eliminate easy access for the pest.
  • Storing paper bags, cardboard boxes or newspapers inside the home is a calling card for certain types of cockroaches. Terminix (Termenix) suggests keeping these items in the garage and inspecting cardboard boxes for roaches or egg sacks before bringing them onto your property.
  • Thick vegetation makes the perfect resting place for roaches that enjoy some time outdoors. Removing overgrown ivy or growing large mounds of tall grass far away from your home’s foundation will help keep the pests outside.
  • Firewood, bricks and yard debris should be stored a good distance from the home and slightly off the ground if possible. Following this advice will help maintain a yard free from several types of pests not just cockroaches. Terminix can list many types of rodents and insects that will happily make a home inside a pile of wood.
  • Removing the moisture from your attic with proper ventilation creates an environment that is less suitable to the cockroach. Energy efficiency and better air quality are significant bonus features for a home with adequate ventilation.
Prevention techniques along with a solid extermination plan will keep your home free of cockroaches. Termenix will work with every homeowner to come up with the cockroach control plan that best fits their needs. Sharing a home with cockroaches, no matter where you live, is not a foregone conclusion. A little effort combined with some expert advice will put you on the path to complete cockroach extermination.

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