Home Remedies for Eliminating Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most feared and reviled pests on the planet, despite their inability to directly cause any harm. They are hideous, unsightly creatures that often serve as indicators of poor maintenance and less-than-sanitary settings.

If you've been experiencing cockroach problems at home and prefer to get rid of them without involving chemicals, try these home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches:

Coffee-Can Trap

One interesting way to get rid of cockroaches with home products is to soak a piece of bread in beer and place it inside an empty coffee can. This will lure in the cockroaches, which will then absorb the alcohol and die, as they won't be able to crawl back out of the can.

Use Diatomaceous Earth

Boric acid powder is a common pesticide used in killing cockroaches, but it is also risky to use in homes with children and pets which can accidentally ingest it. Diatomaceous earth is an organic compound similar in appearance to boric acid, but much safer and more effective in killing existing cockroaches and preventing infestations from growing.

Apply the powder-like substance around areas where cockroaches are present. The small shards of glass that make up diatomaceous earth will pierce the body of cockroaches as they pass through and kill them.

Keep Things Clean

Cockroaches need food and water to survive, which is why they are often found in moist environments, like kitchens and bathrooms. To prevent cockroaches, try to keep all surfaces clean of food and void of excess moisture. Keep pet food and water bowls clean and on mats off the floor. You can also sprinkle baking soda in areas where moisture is known to collect to absorb excess water.

Other Home Remedies

There is an assortment of home products that have been found to combat cockroaches, although with varying and unpredictable results.

Hedgeapples, bay leaves, cucumber slices, and garlic are some of the ingredients known to ward off cockroaches. These can be set out in open areas where cockroaches are already present or at risk of appearing in. Despite not having the most consistent results, they are still worth trying out.

Be Consistent!

One of the most important ways you can use natural defenses to combat cockroaches is to be consistent. Cockroaches are resilient and adaptive, so even if you kill one or one dozen, they may still keep coming back. Staying persistent in cockroach home remedies is the best way to keep them away.

If the above home remedies have not worked in keeping cockroaches from invading your home, it may be time to contact a professional pest control company. Most pest control companies are able to use materials that are safe for your home and the environment, all while getting rid of the cockroach problem.

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