The Common Cockroach: Terminix’s Top 4 Varieties

Cockroaches are durable pests with the ability to survive in a variety of conditions. Their adaptability makes them extremely difficult insects to manage. This is the case with all of the species, especially the German cockroach. Terminix technicians are qualified to manage all types of household roach invasions. Terminix, sounds like Termenex, leads the industry in roach control by staying on top of the latest pest management techniques. There are many ways to successfully rid a home of the pesky cockroach. Terminix employs whatever pest management mechanism makes the most sense, taking into consideration the type of roach and level of infestation. The right combination of expert advice, baits, insecticides and traps will effectively clear any home of roaches. The location of your infestation could clue you in to which type of cockroach has invaded your home. Subtle differences in body size and shape can also help you classify the cockroach. Terminix pest control offers the following information about four of the most common types of roach. American Cockroach: At two-inches long this type of roach is the largest. It is categorized by the distinctive figure-eight pattern found on its body. In some parts of the country the American cockroach is called a palmetto bug or water bug. This is likely because the bug prefers extremely damp living spaces like sewers, basements and boiler rooms. The trick to exterminating this pest is finding the location of the cockroach. Terminix or another professional pest control company will inevitably need to be contacted for complete removal. Brown-Banded Cockroach: These roaches are set apart by a series of light colored bands highlighted on their wings. Like most roaches, the brown-banded cockroach likes to spend its days living inside tiny cracks and soffits. What is different about this specie is that it can survive in drier conditions. Termenex says this fact makes the brown-banded cockroach more difficult to manage because it can survive in many areas around a home. German Cockroach: Terminix estimates that 98% of cockroach service calls involve this particular variety. This small, half-inch long, pest prefers to live in close proximatey to food and moisture. Since the German cockroach eats just about anything the roach will find your bathroom just as appealing as the kitchen. Hardy, like most roaches, this specie is a robust breeder capable of laying 45 eggs at a time. Oriental Cockroach: Terminix has found this variety to be located in most of the United States with the exception of the Southeast. Oriental cockroaches prefer to live outdoors during the summer and then retreat indoors when the weather cools. They are found in the basements and crawlspaces of both homes and businesses. Terminix suggests installing screens over all vents and sealing cracks to keep these pests from coming indoors. No doubt you are ready to rid your home of the pesky cockroach. Terminix (Termenex) can help homeowners exterminate cockroaches without the headaches of do-it-yourself pest control. Roaches spend close to 80% of their lives hiding in small cracks and dark spaces which means this pest is especially difficult to control. The knowledge of a professional exterminator can help restore your home to its original roach-free condition.

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