Cockroach Control and Prevention - Keep Your Home Roach-Free

They Can Run and Hide

There are plenty of rumors around the origin of a cockroach. The idea that a cockroach survived what killed every dinosaur on the planet is just one testament of the odd strength of these small but filthy pests. They get their well-deserved association with filth from the fact they enjoy garbage and sewer pipes, as well as feasting on any open food a homeowner may have left open for cockroach access. Effective cockroach control begins with adequate prevention on the inside of a home and the surrounding areas outdoors. Cockroaches prefer warmth and access to water and food, making the interior of a home a prime target for a cockroach nest. When a homeowner spots a roach, it is likely only the start of a major war, where dozens - if not hundreds - of additional cockroaches are waiting in the wings. Cockroaches prefer to run out in the dark and scurry away once light enters the room. This fact alone often causes a homeowner to keep every light on at all times, but if a cockroach wants to get in a home, it will find its way into a dark crevice.

Why Prevention Is the Best Method

Cockroaches not only live about a year, but have a high reproductive rate. Keeping a home from being a roach egg incubator will ultimately be the best method of preventing unwanted, brown-legged pests from crossing your bedroom floor in the middle of the night. Some of the following tips can help cockroaches move on to someone else’s home:
  • Purchase and use garbage cans and compost bins that can be sealed. Regularly wash the containers with anti-bacterial-based products.
  • Store garbage containers away from the entry points of a home.
  • Apply cockroach-specific pesticides around the garbage area, as well as the foundation of a home.
A cockroach has a high degree of resiliency that can allow it to withstand everything from cold temperatures, to chemicals, to lack of food and water. By preventing cockroaches from thriving in your home, homeowners will keep these pests out of their homes before they ever have a chance to infest it.

Where To Look

Pest removal for cockroaches can be overwhelming. Many homeowners have no idea where the roaches are entering, let alone where they are setting up camp. Some of the following areas are common places to start a cockroach investigation:
  • Wherever you spot coffee grounds, because they probably aren’t really coffee grounds - they are cockroach droppings.
  • Keep toilet lids closed and drains plugged. One of the most disgusting entry points for cockroaches is the sewer. The same cockroach that just ran up a sewer pipe can be crawling across your toothbrush.
  • Inspect all dark places for signs of cockroaches. Check inside shoes, underneath appliances, near the dog food bin and around the kitty litter container - all are havens for cockroaches.
  • Behind wallpaper. Cockroaches have the ability to flatten their bodies and weasel just about anywhere.
  • Any place there is food. Cockroaches love human food, so inspect the refrigerator, the bag of flour, the box of Rice Krispies, etc.
Cockroaches prefer to hide in the dark depths of a home, only coming out when they are searching for a food or water source. By considering all of these potential hiding spaces, it can be easier to locate the roaches.

Cleaning Like You’ve Never Cleaned Before

Most bugs have elements of disgust accompanying them, but a cockroach takes this disgust to another level with its 'garbage can' habitat tendency. Some of the following tips can help a homeowner not only to keep roaches away, but disinfect in the event cockroaches have infested a living area:
  • At the first sight of a cockroach, any food that was not in a sealed container should be thrown out, unless you don’t mind the risk of disease and germs generated from sewers and garbage infesting your food.
  • Open up the kitchen cupboards and start scrubbing with a bleach-based, anti-bacterial product.
  • Purchase a drain-clogging product and utilize it on all sink, shower and tub drains.
  • Clean all bathroom surfaces with anti-bacterial products.
  • Vacuum all carpeting and wash any bedding. This helps to shake out cockroaches that could be lurking behind things in a closet or underneath beds.
Before a homeowner sets out on a cockroach control cleaning spree, it is also important to consider the types of cleansers, insecticides and traps being used around human and pet food. There are pest control products designed for almost any scenario to help with cockroach extermination. By using effective pest control methods, homeowners can successfully prevent cockroaches from ever entering their homes.

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