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How to Get Rid of Brown Recluse Spiders

Brown recluse spiders are usually brown with a peculiar cephalothorax with a dark brown violin-shaped spot on its abdomen. One of the primary characteristics is the presence of three pairs of eyes. Brown recluses usually reside in homes and live in dark, cramped space such as in between used clothes, corners, and cracks. The bite of a brown recluse is generally not fatal and some people who get bit by them do not experience any pain at all. The pain comes later once the poison destroys the skin.

There are solutions to brown recluse infestations. One is able to lay down sticky traps or glue boards to capture the spiders. Also, you can spray the spiders directly to kill them on contact. Brown recluse spiders can be deadly to small children, so if you suspect a brown recluse bite, call a doctor before contacting a pest exterminator.

Do-It-Yourself Brown Recluse Control

  • Place clothes in plastic bags before storing them in cardboard boxes so that brown recluses won't settle down to make a home.
  • Seal all cracks and entry points around the home, inside and out, to prevent brown recluses from entering.
  • Avoid creating clutter that brown recluse spiders can make a home out of.
  • Cut the use of outdoor lighting, which attracts other bugs that brown recluse spiders consider food.
  • Brown recluse spiders are a dangerous grade of spiders that need to be eliminated professionally. Call a pest expert today!

Brown Recluse Spider Extermination: A Necessary Task  

  • A brown recluse bite can cause lesions, organ damage, and even death.
  • Severe reactions to brown recluse bites can also lead to tissue necrosis, gangrene, and scarring.
  • Brown recluse spiders can often be found in closets, beds, garages, and other dark and dry places.

Don’t Know Who to Call For Brown Recluse Spider Extermination?— Call Your Local Pest Control Service!

  • Pest control providers should guarantee a brown recluse solution in a timely fashion once notified of the problem.
  • Qualified pest exterminators should be able to eliminate brown recluses humanely and safely, without leaving dangerous poisons or traps around your home.

Professional Pest Services Offer Trouble-Free Brown Recluse Spider Extermination

Brown recluse spiders have one of the most dangerous venoms to humans and are commonly associated with necrotic bites. Although they are, as their name suggests, mostly reclusive and prefer to remain hidden during the day, homeowners may stumble upon them in garages, beds, and other dry and undisturbed locations. Brown recluse spiders also prefer hiding in cardboard boxes, so homeowners engaging in spring cleaning need to be sure to wear thick gloves to avoid getting bitten. However, homeowners can remain unaware of a brown recluse until a bite occurs. Because they can be so difficult to find, homeowners may need some professional help when engaging in brown recluse spider extermination.

A pest management company can offer a solution to brown recluse spider infestations. With professional exterminators, homeowners get the treatment that they need in order to receive the brown recluse spider solution they seek. The best part of hiring an experienced exterminator is that they get it right the first time and often provide warranties if it doesn't. Customer satisfaction is ultimately the biggest priority in any pest control situation. Call a professional exterminator today!