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How to Kill Black Widows in Little Rock, Arkansas

Black widows can be recognized by red markings on the abdomen, and are found in areas across America. Because black widows prefer to live in dark places, black widow spider control is essential in place such as garages and sheds.

  • Black widows will bite in self defense
  • The venom of the black widow is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake
  • About five species of the black widow exist in North America
  • A female black widow can lay up to nine egg sacs in three months
  • Black widows will bite in self defense

The most venomous spider in the United States, black widows are known for webs that lack any particular form or shape. Black widow spider control can be achieved by eliminating places for spiders to hide and breed. Keep your home safe and clean by contacting pest extermination professionals.

Black Widow Control Providers

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