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How to Kill Black Widows in Chula Vista, California

Red markings on the abdomen are indicative of a black widow, which is a poisonous spider found in areas across the United States. Black widow spider control can be achieved through simple measures such as keeping areas clean and tidy.

  • Male black widows are about half the size of females
  • Black widows will bite in self defense
  • The venom of the black widow is 15 times stronger than that of a rattlesnake
  • Female black widows can grow up to ¼ inches in diameter
  • Black widows generally lay eggs during the summer months

The webs of black widows lack any particular shape, and they are considered the most poisonous spider in America. Achieving black widow spider control can be easy with the help of a professional exterminator. A professional exterminator will help you to keep your home clean and safe from black widow spiders.

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