Best Way to Get Rid of Mice

While there is no singular way of getting rid of mice inside your home, there are a few best practices in mice control that work to get rid of mice while leaving minimal damage to your home’s structure.

The best way to get rid of mice starts with knowing where the mice are coming from. Are there holes in the corners of the room? Are there bits of insulation trailing down from the ceiling? Wherever these signs are located, chances are you’ve uncovered where the mice are coming and going from. Knowing this, you can get started on the next step: discovering their source of food.

Snapped Around the Food Table

Mice, or any other pest for that matter, enter homes for a few reasons. Apart from seeking shelter and protection from outside predators, mice gather in human homes for sustenance. While mice don’t feed exclusively on human food, access to crumbs, trash, and leftovers are not resources usually found elsewhere.

Mouse traps paired with food as bait is one of the more popular ways to get rid of mice. Although mice have normally been understood to be attracted to cheese, stickier foods like peanut butter and half-eaten candy offer a more concentrated flavor that is appealing to mice. The only thing some people may have against mouse traps is the post-trap disposal – no one wants to touch and remove a dead mouse. However, they are a powerful means of getting rid of mice that everyone should consider when looking for ways to get rid of mice.

As a preventative practice, cutting off the food source is probably one of the best ways to get rid of mice. By taking away the main incentive for entering your home, mice have little choice but to move on. While this doesn’t mean the problem is entirely solved by simply taking out the trash or even sweeping up each crumb, it is one step towards a mice-free home.

Get a Cat

Still can’t handle the thought of disposing a dead mouse? One hassle free method in pest control against mice is getting a cat.

Adopting a cat is a nearly full-proof solution and one of the best ways to get rid of mice in the house. Unlike the “cheese trap” theory, cats actually work because mice have developed a scent for cat and can smell them coming a mile away (likewise for cats). Consequently, they have learned to avoid any location where cats are suspected. If it came down to it though, cats would attack mice on instinct, saving you the trouble of killing it yourself. Cats will even dispose of it by taking it far away from the house or bury it, saving you a ton of trouble!

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