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How to Get Rid of Bees in Amarillo, Texas

Bees are flying insects with a powerful sting, and more than 20,000 species of bees exist throughout the world. Learning how to get rid of bees will help you keep your home and garden safe and clean.

  • Bees are a specialized form of wasps
  • A single bee hive can contain up to 45 thousand bees
  • A single bee hive can contain up to 45 thousand bees
  • Bees are a specialized form of wasps
  • Bees are a specialized form of wasps

Bees are closely related to ants and wasps, and are social insects who oftentimes build nests in human areas. One method for how to get rid of bees is to sprinkle poison in the hive. Contact a pest control service today if you have detected a bee infestation in your home or garden.

Bee Control Providers

12206 INTERSTATE 27, TX 79119
A Star Pest Control
3100 Linda Dr Amarillo, TX 79109
AA Culver Tree Service
601 N Buchanan St Amarillo, TX 79107
AAA Exterminators
11520 Dakota Trl Amarillo, TX 79118
Ace Pest Control
2233 E 23rd Ave Amarillo, TX 79103
Advantage Pest Specialist
PO Box 31881 Amarillo, TX 79120
Agri Rodent Control Inc
PO Box B 8574 Amarillo, TX 79118
Agri-Rodent Control Specialist
3701 W Sundown Ln Amarillo, TX 79118
All Pro Pest Control
513 S Lamar St Amarillo, TX 79106
All Pro Pest Control
PO Box 1313 Amarillo, TX 79105
Amarillo Plains Pest Control
2213 Locust St Amarillo, TX 79109
American Pestmobiles
3301 Estates Dr Amarillo, TX 79124
American Pestmobiles
PO Box 3482 Amarillo, TX 79116
Armadilla Pest Control
3308 Eddy St APT 312 Amarillo, TX 79109
Bell Pest Control Inc
6015 Hallmark Ave Amarillo, TX 79119
Bell Pest Control Inc
PO Box 967 Amarillo, TX 79105
Big Red Pest Control
7614 Tarrytown Ave Amarillo, TX 79121
Bill’s Extermination Co
15 Cypress Pt Amarillo, TX 79124
Blue Ribbon Pest Control
2504 Julian Blvd Amarillo, TX 79102
Blue Ribbon Pest Control
516 N Polk St Amarillo, TX 79107
Bugmaster Pest Control Amarillo
TX 79109
Bugs Burney Pest Control
4411 Canyon Dr Amarillo, TX 79110
Bugs Burney Pest Control Co
1016 S Georgia St Amarillo, TX 79102
Burney Bugs Pest Control Co
PO Box 31321 Amarillo, TX 79120
C & D House Leveling
10400 W Sundown Ln Amarillo, TX 79119
Cavely Pest Control
2006 S Taylor St Amarillo, TX 79109
Certified Pest Control
11321 S Georgia St Amarillo, TX 79118
Certified Pest Control Amarillo
TX 79118
Combat Pest Control
2815 John Dr Amarillo, TX 79110
Combat Pest Control
PO Box 19012 Amarillo, TX 79114
Fatboy Pest Control Services
2002 N Manhattan St Amarillo, TX 79107
Faulkner Spraying
7713 Cervin Dr Amarillo, TX 79121
Faulkner Spraying Service
4701 Harvard St Amarillo, TX 79109
Federal Pest Management
313 S Rusk St Amarillo, TX 79106
Gene Carver Landscaping
6007 Chisholm Cir Amarillo, TX 79109
Goddards West Texas Pest Ctrl
PO Box 33871 Amarillo, TX 79120
Golden Spread Pest Control
4821 W 9th Ave Amarillo, TX 79106
Hendrix Pest Control
4632 S Hughes St Amarillo, TX 79110
Hendrix Pest Control Amarillo
TX 79109
Home & Garden Pest Control
3801 Puckett Dr Amarillo, TX 79109
Home & Garden Pest Control
PO Box 7234 Amarillo, TX 79114
Hulen Carolyn
PO Box 20265 Amarillo, TX 79114
Jax Pest Control & Lawn Care
3517 Tripp Ave Amarillo, TX 79121
King’s Pest Control
1616 Hazel Ave Amarillo, TX 79107
L & H Pest Control
2607 S Houston St Amarillo, TX 79103
L & H Pest Control
416 N Tyler St Amarillo, TX 79107
L & H Pest Control
6209 Lair Rd Amarillo, TX 79118
L & H Pest Control
6301 Lair Rd Amarillo, TX 79118
Lady-Bug Services Inc
507 W 10th Ave Amarillo, TX 79101
Leslie’s Pest Control Amarillo
TX 79109
Norris Pest Control & Cnstr
PO Box 7036 Amarillo, TX 79114
Norris Pest Control & Constr
7201 Old Kent Rd Amarillo, TX 79109
On Guard Pest Control Amarillo
TX 79101
Paragon Pest Svc
102 NE 6th Ave Amarillo, TX 79107
Pestcon Inc
8111 Lamount Dr Amarillo, TX 79110
Pond Pest Control
2611 NE 16th Ave Amarillo, TX 79107
Pond Pest Control
3210 W 10th Ave Amarillo, TX 79106
Precision Pest & Termite Cntrl
1011 Meritta Ln Amarillo, TX 79118
Precision Pest Control
6327 S Western St # D Amarillo, TX 79110
Preferred Home Services
PO Box 8852 Amarillo, TX 79114
Preferred Home Svc
3732 Business Park Dr Amarillo, TX 79110
Preferred Pest & Weed Control
1501 Parker St # A Amarillo, TX 79102
Pro Chem Sales
900 Ross St Amarillo, TX 79102
R & D Pest Control
6413 Euston Dr Amarillo, TX 79109
Spicer Red
6100 W 45th Ave Amarillo, TX 79109
Staton D W Tree Service
7209 Pace St Amarillo, TX 79108
Stubbs Pest Control
4229 W 10th Ave Amarillo, TX 79106
Superior Pest & Weed Control
2824 Bowie St Amarillo, TX 79109
Thomas Tree & Lawn Care
8490 W 77th Ave Amarillo, TX 79119
Tony Smeaton Pest Control
3402 Lewis Ln Amarillo, TX 79109
Tree Care Of Amarillo
3511 E 15th Ave Amarillo, TX 79104
Walt’s Pest Control
7611 Hermosa Dr Amarillo, TX 79108