Need-to-Know Facts on Bee Removal

Despite their portrayal as hard-working, intelligent insects, bees can be quite hazardous to the people and animals around them. As they are often equipped with stingers and even venom, most homeowners do their best not to attract bees to their property. This means limiting things like flowers and gardens, which some homeowners are not inclined to do. Unfortunately, this could lead the bees to construct hives and honeycombs near your home, bringing more bees and a bigger threat to the area.

Bee removal is not something homeowners should take lightly. In some cases, it may require the help of a professional. To better understand bees and the best ways to get rid of them, read these facts:

  • Bees construct hives in areas that are half-hidden and exposed just enough to fly back and forth between food sites. Eaves, chimneys, and vents are typical locations where bees establish their home in YOUR home.
  • Trees and bushes are other area bees congregate in before finding and building a permanent location.
  • Bee hives typically contain around 10,000 to 50,000 bees. The average amount of honey found in a single hive is about 75 pounds.
  • Bees travel in masses known as swarms. There are around 5,000 bees in a swarm.
  • Effective bee removal usually entails removing not only the swarm of bees, but their hive as well. In some instances, removing just the hive without killing any bees will send a signal that they are not welcome and cause them to move on.
  • Fire men are sometimes dispatched to handle extra large hives, while local beekeepers are called on to remove and take away the hive to their honey farms.

In any case, bee removal should be handled by a professional when possible. Some varieties of bees are particularly aggressive, like the Africanized honey bee, and need to be handled by professionals who know how to protect themselves against stinging.

While most bees do not attack unless provoked, they should not remain around homes. Pets and children can become vulnerable to bee attacks if playing outdoors for long time period of time. Bees are still pests, which means any pest control plan should have the goal of getting rid of them permanently from your property. Find more information on how to get rid of bees from a local pest exterminator company.

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