5 Bed Bug Home Remedies to Try

Heat Fumigation

Bed bugs don't survive well under heat, so try fumigating your home by closing windows, doors, and ventilation points and raising the temperature of the heater. You can intensify it further by turning on heating lamps in areas where bed bugs are. Do this for about 30 minutes before going back in. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the aftermath.

Baby Powder

Baby powder works in a similar fashion to diatomaceous earth, but instead of piercing the bed bugs with sharp, microscopic granules, it will suffocate them. This is ideal on furniture or in areas where a vacuum cleaner can't reach. After a few minutes, check on the results and clean off the powder and the dead bed bugs.

Washing, Dry, and Cover

If bed bugs have ravaged your bed sheets, wash them and everything they've come in contact with. Use hot water to wash and set the dryer on the highest temperature. It's important to use an electric dryer and not air-dry the bed sheets, as bed bugs only die under extreme conditions.

After you've washed everything, cover the mattress in a plastic encasement before putting the bed sheets back on. These can be purchased at mattress or home linen stores for all bed sizes. This is an important step to preventing bed bugs from damaging your bed sheets in the future.

Vinegar Below Bed Posts

In addition to heat, bed bugs are also averse to water, preferring mildly damp atmospheres instead. With that in mind, try putting plates or bowls of water and vinegar at the bottom of bed legs. Bed bugs have an upward crawl and will use bed posts to reach the mattress and bed sheets, so create a barrier that prevents them from doing this.

Move Furniture Around

One of the easiest ways to keep bed bugs from reaching your mattress and bed sheets is to move furniture away from the walls where bed bugs often live, usually between the wallpaper and where the floor meets the wall. Bed bugs lack a sense of direction, so they won't go searching for mattresses. Rather, they end up there because of its accessibility.

When Home Remedies Don't Work...

Home remedies can be effective in warding off the initial signs and infestations of bed bugs, but they may not provide long-term solutions in the event of large infestations. The best way to ensure a bed bug-free home is to have a professional pest exterminator apply treatment around your home.

Until then, however, put these home remedies to use and see if you can stop bed bugs in the early stages of infestations.

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