Choosing the Right Bed Bug Control Products

If you are dealing with a bed bug infestation, you are likely anxious to find the right bed bug control products. There are many, sometimes too many, different pest control products from which to choose, leaving a homeowner wondering what to do. Bed bug removal is not a quick and easy do-it-yourself pest control process, so finding the right combination of bed bug control products is indeed crucial to your success. This article will guide you through the different types of bed bug control products and have you on your way to a cleaner, healthier, bug-free home in no time.

Pesticides and Insecticides

When looking for bed bug control products, most people head straight for the pesticides. Do-it-yourself pest control for bed bugs can rarely be accomplished with pesticides alone. The most powerful chemical ingredients have been reserved for professionals only, so what you find on the shelves will not be as effective. It is also important to note that the bulk of generic pesticides found in stores are not made to treat indoor areas, nor are they able to handle the unique problem of bed bugs. Pest control products that are labeled for use on bed bugs will still have to be applied multiple times because the majority of bed bug control products containing insecticides has no effect on the pests' eggs; if eggs hatch after you spray, you will simply have a new bed bug infestation. The bed bug control products with the best track record will contain one of the following insecticides:
  • Pyrethrin, which provides a quick knockdown but little long-term control
  • Synthetic pyrethroid pest control products (cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, deltamethrin and permethrin)
  • Chlorfenapyr (found under the name Phantom)
  • Hydroprene (Gentrol), which causes sterility in adult bed bugs
The following is a list of bed bug control products containing one or more of the above pesticides:
  • D-Force HPX with deltamethrin
  • Demand CS with synthetic pyrethroids
  • CB-80 Pryethrum
  • Gentrol Aerosol
  • Delta Dust with deltamethrin

Organic Bed Bug Control Products

As people search for greener ways to achieve do-it-yourself pest control, there are some organic pest control products gaining in popularity. The following two items use natural means of extermination to rid a home of unwanted pests including bed bugs.
  • Diatomaceous earth (DE): Made from tiny fossilized water plants, the food grade version of diatomaceous earth has proven itself to be one of the most powerful organic bed bug control products. DE punctures through the bed bugs’ exoskeletons and absorbs all the moisture from inside their bodies. The bed bugs dehydrate and their bodies dry out. Diatomaceous earth is easy to use - just sprinkle it onto the infested areas and then vacuum after a few days' time. DE will not harm pets or humans, but it can take a long time for complete bed bug removal.
  • Kleen Free: Another organic pest control product, Kleen Free is a spray that uses a unique combination of enzymes to attack and kill bed bugs. Kleen Free is completely non-toxic and safe to use around kids or pets. This product has been used by hospitals and other large organizations.

An Ounce of Prevention

There are a few bed bug control products that focus more on prevention and early detection rather than removal. Adding some of these products to your do-it-yourself pest control plan could make this current bed bug infestation your last.
  • Protect-a-Bed Mattress Encasements: This mattress encasement features a three-sided zipper system with a secure seal. It not only keeps future bed bugs from getting into your mattress, but it also keeps the old ones from ever crawling out. Any current bed bug infestation will be suffocated inside the sealed encasement, so there will be no need to fumigate or throw away your mattress. Pillow encasements can be purchased as well.
  • Climbup Insect Interceptor: This device is a simple trap that is placed under the legs of furniture, particularly beds and upholstered pieces. Bugs travel in search of food (you) and will be caught as they attempt to climb onto the beds or other furniture. While not a potent pest control device, this product does help with early detection and catches a few of the bed bugs in the process.
  • GreenClean Dissolvable Laundry Bags: Dissolvable laundry bags have actually been used in the health care industry for more than 30 years, but now they are available to the general public as bed bug control products. Since hotels are a known source for bed bugs, these bags can be used to ensure you do not bring back any unwanted pests from your recent trip. Use these bags while traveling, store your dirty laundry inside and then put the entire bag into the wash when you return home. The bag dissolves in the machine and any stow-a-ways will be killed during the washing process.

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