Avoid Beg Bugs- Call a Pest Exterminator

Bed Bugs are parasites and have been a nuisance to mankind for a long time. They are attracted to human blood, from which they draw nutrients. The unwelcome bed mates use human body heat and carbon dioxide from exhalation like guiding signals to human bodies. Once they reach their human target, bed bugs do more than snuggle up they begin to bite.

It is not surprising when bed bugs are discovered within the home. Bed bugs are free-roamers and migrate liberally within living spaces. In order to conduct the necessary bed bug prevention, the nature of these pests must be understood.

Early Detection Is Important

Bed bug prevention can be very tricky for several reasons. Aside from their very small size, they are very adept at hiding. Another reason that makes them difficult to detect is their ability to make unnoticeable bites on the host.

It takes only three to five minutes for a bed bug's feeding process to be completed. People react differently to bed bug bites. There are times when redness and swelling surface hours or days after the bite happens. Others may also experience rashes on the bitten area.

You can avoid bed bugs by developing a strategy during the early detection period. Some indications of the presence of bed bugs are blood smears, exoskeletons or shell traces, and brownish-black colored specks. These specks are the pest's feces.

Another strong indication of bed bug infestation is when a musty-sweet odor radiates from the bed or other areas. This odor is created by the bed bug's secretions. At this point, extermination measures must be rigid and comprehensive, which are most effectively provided by a pest professional.

Bed Bug Control Measures

Use pesticide products to avoid bed bugs. For more effective bed bug control results, spray the pesticide directly into the crevices and cracks suspected of housing bed bugs. Pesticides must have strong formulation capable of lasting for weeks when applied. Always follow the label directions on pesticides carefully.

Maintain cleanliness and avoid cluttering. By reducing uncleanliness, you are removing places that bed bugs can hide. You should also vacuum floor rugs, upholstered furniture pieces, bed legs, and the area under your bed. Get rid of the vacuum bag after cleaning, so any bed bugs in there cannot find their way back into your residence.

Use bed bug encasements. These are special mattress covers that seal your bedding so bed bugs can't get to you. Wash and dry your blankets, bed sheets, and pillow cases thoroughly and regularly on high heat. This can diminish the number of bed bugs and eggs.

How Professionals Intervene

Before treatment, pest exterminators typically conduct a thorough inspection of the bed bugs' suspected dwelling places. This is the most challenging (and most important) part of the comprehensive treatment. Most pest control providers use advanced tools and strategies to aid in accurate location of such a pest.

Bed bug control experts use commercial-grade pesticides to completely free your home of pest infestation. Because pests are resilient evolvers, pesticide formulations are constantly researched and customized for continued results. Only a trained professional knows, with accuracy, the kind of product that will deliver ideal results. Aside from pesticides, they also use bed bug solution systems that are environmentally friendly.

Turning to professionals during infestation will curtail trial and error measures, shorten stress periods and save your health.

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