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How to Get Rid of Ants in San Francisco, California

Ants are adaptable insects that use their ability to solve complex problems and adjust to nearly any environment found on Earth. Ant colonies inside a home can cause considerable frustration for homeowners.

  • Ants have compound eyes, like most insects
  • Only queen ants are capable of reproduction
  • Most ants are predators, scavengers, and herbivores
  • Ant colonies are typically inactive during the colder months as they hibernate in their nests
  • Queen ants can lay thousands of eggs per day

Homeowners may find that they need help discovering how to get rid of ants; one way is to kill the queen ant, which will then kill off the entire colony. Ants can leave unsightly trails in homes while contaminating all types of foods. For the best strategy in how to get rid of ants, be sure to contact a professional pest exterminator.

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