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How to Get Rid of Ants in Newark, New Jersey

Ants create adaptable colonies made up of workers, drones, and a queen, which work together to support the health of the colony. As ant colonies can be made up of hundreds, if not thousands of ants, homeowners with an ant infestation should find out how to get rid of ants quickly and collectively.

  • Ants are closely related to wasps and bees
  • Queen ants are the largest ant in the colony
  • Worker ants are sterile wingless females
  • Although most ants are red or black in color, some species living in tropical areas can be green
  • Ant colonies are typically inactive during the colder months as they hibernate in their nests

Some residents may discover ant trails leading to and from the kitchen, in which case, an ant solution must be found quickly to stop ants from continually taking food. A colony of ants, especially carpenter ants, can quickly deteriorate certain wooden parts of a home. Contact a professional pest control company for the best resource in knowing how to get rid of ants.

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