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How to Get Rid of Ants in Memphis, Tennessee

Ants are social insects that live in colonies. They can be found on virtually every landmass on Earth. While ant colonies prefer to remain in their natural habitats, many choose to scavenge for food inside homes.

  • Female workers gather food, care for the larvae, build tunnels, and defend the colony
  • Fire ants are common to areas of the United States. They are known for their painful, stinging bite
  • The anatomy of ants is divided into three categories: the head, mesosoma (middle thorax), and metasoma (abdomen).
  • Fire ants are common to areas of the United States. They are known for their painful, stinging bite
  • Female workers gather food, care for the larvae, build tunnels, and defend the colony

Ants can be a serious problem, especially due to the difficult in getting rid of ants quickly and all at once. Once inside homes, ants can cause considerable damage to food, as well as certain structures; carpenter ants are a good examples. Homeowners that have fallen victim to an ant infestation need to find professionals who know how to get rid of ants properly. Contact a pest control company today!

Ant Control Providers

Aardvark Termite & Pest
1309 Wells Station Rd Memphis, TN 38108
Accurate & Thrifty Pest Cntrl Memphis
TN 38125
Action Pest Control Co Inc
221 Oakwood Dr Memphis, TN 38111
American Wildlife Experts
789 Pecan Gardens Cir E Memphis, TN 38122
Annie’s Termites & Pest
PO Box 9065 Memphis, TN 38190
Atlast Pest Management Inc
5119 Summer Ave # 225 Memphis, TN 38122
Atomic Pest Control Co Inc
2371 Elvis Presley Blvd Memphis, TN 38106
Battles Pest Control Inc
6535 Royal King Dr Memphis, TN 38135
Betterway Termite & Pest Cntrl
1388 Dearing Rd Memphis, TN 38117
Bomar’s Bugs-N-Stuff
2978 Austin Peay Hwy Memphis, TN 38128
Brown Exterminating
4007 Davies Manor Dr Memphis, TN 38133
Bug A Way Pest Control
2600 Poplar Ave # 6e Memphis, TN 38112
Bug Man Pest Control
4655 White Fox St Memphis, TN 38109
Chief Termite Svc
5291 Us Highway 51 N Memphis, TN 38127
Control Pest Company
PO Box 2324 Memphis, TN 38101
Control Pest Inc
2149 Chelsea Ave Memphis, TN 38108
Cook’s Pest Control
1657 N Shelby Oaks Dr # 108 Memphis, TN 38134
Cook’s Pest Control
3225 Sharpe Ave Memphis, TN 38111
Cooks Pest Control Inc
PO Box 34898 Memphis, TN 38184
Critter Control Memphis
TN 38133
Critter Ridders Simmons Pest
2938 Ridgeway Rd Memphis, TN 38115
Custom Pest Control
3717 US Highway 78 Memphis, TN 38118
Ervin’s Pest Control
3540 Summer Ave # 304 Memphis, TN 38122
Forehand Services
7190 Grapevine Cv Memphis, TN 38133
George Termite & Pest Control
4745 Poplar Ave # 301 Memphis, TN 38117
Gillespie Termite & Pest Cntrl
PO Box 221085 Memphis, TN 38122
Good Earth Termite & Pest Co
5164 Elmore Rd Memphis, TN 38134
Guardian Services Memphis
TN 38125
Have A Heart Animal Control
4001 Fern Valley Dr Memphis, TN 38125
Holliday Exterminating Co
2521 Frisco Ave Memphis, TN 38114
Inman-Murphy Termite & Pest
5122 Crestview Dr Memphis, TN 38134
J E Termite & Pest Management
1979 Pomona Ave Memphis, TN 38116
J E Termite & Pest Management Memphis
TN 38116
J J Fair Pest Control
5549 Patsy Cir W Memphis, TN 38125
James Pest Management
4246 Outland Rd Memphis, TN 38118
Kee Termite & Pest Control
4145 Senator St Memphis, TN 38118
Kotler Exterminating Co Inc
1313 Poplar Ave 1321 Memphis, TN 38104
Kotler Exterminating Co Inc Memphis
TN 38104
Lady Bug Pest Control Memphis
TN 38119
Lewis Termite & Pest Control
979 Bartlett Rd Memphis, TN 38122
M & W Termite Control Co
3167 Barron Ave # 101 Memphis, TN 38111
Mack Pest Control Inc
PO Box 342797 Memphis, TN 38184
Midsouth Insect Control
3564 Northwood Dr Memphis, TN 38111
Mid-South Pest & Termite Inc
1364 Dovecrest Rd Memphis, TN 38134
Mole Patrol Memphis
TN 38120
Molpus Pest Control Co
4164 Oak Rd Memphis, TN 38135
Moray Moisture Control Co
4214 Riche Rd Memphis, TN 38128
National Termite & Pest Cntrl
2704 Greenmill Dr Memphis, TN 38119
National Termite & Pest Cntrl
PO Box 171382 Memphis, TN 38187
Nu Era Pest Control
70 W Mitchell Rd Memphis, TN 38109
Nu Era Pest Control
PO Box 181200 Memphis, TN 38181
One Stop Termite & Pest Cntrl
2810 Bartlett Rd # 7 Memphis, TN 38134
Pate’s Termite & Pest Control
PO Box 111334 Memphis, TN 38111
Peaches Pest Control
893 Ledbetter Ave Memphis, TN 38109
Pied Piper Pest Control
3835 Viscount Ave # 3 Memphis, TN 38118
Pied Piper Pest Control
6686 Millers Pond Cir Memphis, TN 38119
Plantation Pest Control
690 Scott St Memphis, TN 38112
Presto-X Co
6180 E Shelby Dr Memphis, TN 38141
Price Termite & Pest Control
5544 Edwin Forest Rd Memphis, TN 38141
Professional Pest Management
3915 S Rossiland Cir Memphis, TN 38122
Proven Pest Management
6810 Canna Hill Cv Memphis, TN 38135
Quality Pest
5545 Tylertown Ave Memphis, TN 38134
Rainbow Pest Control
1128 Winchester Rd Memphis, TN 38116
Redd Pest Control
4255 Cherry Center Dr Memphis, TN 38118
Rehoboth Pest Control Memphis
TN 38112
Ridall Pest Control Svc
100 N Main St Memphis, TN 38103
Stroupe Pest Control
3717 Lamar Ave Memphis, TN 38118
Terry’s Termite & Pest Control
5815 Ackerman Ave Bartlett, TN 38134
Titans Pest Control Memphis
TN 38106
Total Termite & Pest Control
4570 Raleigh Lagrange Rd # 1 Memphis, TN 38128
Tri State Exterminating Co
3130 Appling Rd Memphis, TN 38133
Viper Termite Co
4192 Genyth Ave Memphis, TN 38128
Ward’s Termite & Pest Control
PO Box 18938 Memphis, TN 38181
Weir Pest Control
2031 Cranberry Dr Memphis, TN 38134
Womack Exterminators
1458 S Perkins Rd Memphis, TN 38117
Womack Exterminators
PO Box 772266 Memphis, TN 38177