If You Have Carpenter Ants, Terminix Has a Solution

While all ants are a nuisance, there are none more annoying or more damaging than carpenter ants. Terminix pest control understands the special problems that come with carpenter ant control. Building their nests inside of homes and trees can make the ants’ colony difficult to locate.  That means re-infestation is a common issue for homeowners and something that Terminix, or Terminex as it is sometimes spelled, is prepared to address. How do you know if you have carpenter ants? Terminix says that in the spring they receive calls from homeowners convinced that they have a termite infestation.  In most cases what they actually have is a mature carpenter ant colony with swarmers or winged ants.  Another tell-tale sign of carpenter ants is wood dust.  Since carpenter ants do not eat wood, but simply prefer to make their homes inside of wood, you can find piles of sawdust near a new nest. If you are lucky enough to find the location of a nest check to see if it is active by placing an ear near the area and listening for sounds of movement.  Just remember that ants often lay dormant during colder months, so this is not a foolproof technique. Although you may only see and hear the pests during certain seasons carpenter ant control requires a year-round solution.  In order to handle the specific problem of carpenter ants, Terminix offers a quarterly service plan.  A one-time service call is great for ridding your home of a current infestation, but long-term ant control requires a long-term solution. With a quarterly service plan geared towards the extermination of carpenter ants Terminix can keep the pests out of your home for good. Homeowners with a Terminix (Terminex)  preventative treatment plan will enjoy pest-free living throughout the year. During one of your scheduled visits a Terminix representative will come to your home and treat the exterior for carpenter ants. Terminix uses a combination of bait and insecticides to destroy the entire ant colony. Regular treatments will keep any new colonies from surfacing and allow you to maintain a pest-free home. If you have a problem with a resilient pest like carpenter ants Terminix (Terminex) recommends homeowners adopt a yearly prevention plan. Removing ants from a home is only half the battle.  Nests filled with a colony of ants lay waiting to re-infest your home and cause damage to the structure.   To put a final stop to the ants Terminix suggests combining regular treatments with some of the following tips:
  • Keep firewood, fallen limbs or other wood scraps away from the foundation of your home.
  • Take away the carpenter ants favorite nesting areas by pruning trees regularly and removing stumps.
  • Seal cracks around the foundation and roof.  Double check the chimney area as well.
  • Replace any moisture damaged wood, like window frames.

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