How to Solve an Ant Problem ASAP

Many of us have discovered these unwanted houseguests marching single-file into our homes. Once ants discover your food and water supply, they stake quite a tenacious ownership. No amount of wiping seems to get rid of them.

Battling ants may seem daunting because of their numbers. They are social insects, ants live in intermingling colonies. The ones in our kitchens are most likely to be workers foraging for food and water. Many times they can be traced back to their nest, or to the hole they are using to gain entry. Even the most numerous army of ants can be eliminated, whether by the homeowner or with the help of a professional pest control company.

Tips for Ridding Your Home of Ants

If they are already in your house, it means they have found a source of food and are continually coming back to the food source. The first line of defense (and attack, in this case) is to close off access to food. Make sure you clean up food preparation spills and leftovers immediately.

Contact Insecticides— Contact insecticides like bug sprays will kill ants immediately. The downside to this is especially relevant in the kitchen. You don't want to ingest the toxins yourself, so make sure that if you do use one of these, you clean it up immediately and safely. Read all cautions and warnings on the label and follow the instructions carefully.

Ant Baits —Using baits are a bit easier on human health. The contents are designed to be eaten and carried back to ant colonies. Little by little, as ants consume the bait, they die out. Baits take time to be effective, and you may find yourself cleaning up ants for a few days to a week before you see results. The advantage is that they are usually contained and therefore a bit safer around pets and people. Again, read and follow all instructions carefully.

Boric Acid —boric acid is sold as a powder and a pinch of it with a bit of honey and water can work as an inexpensive bait. The powder is toxic to pets and people, so take good measure in deciding on placement.

Once the ants are gone, you need to prevent them from returning. Get in the habit of cleaning up. Seal up opened food. Also, seal the crack where they entered. Use a home defense system, or a pesticide that is generally sprayed around the perimeter of your home foundation.

If your problem turns out to be extensive, or if you have a dangerous ant type, like a fire ant, wandering into your house, you need professional help. A professional pest control company knows how to solve an ant problem quickly and efficiently. Their professional-grade products, both ""green"" and synthetic can get rid of ants in your home immediately. Afterwards, you have the easier task of keeping the ants out.

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