Effective Ant Control Methods

Effective Ant Control MethodsAnt control is usually on the top of many homeowners’ minds during the spring months. This is when these creatures seem to come out in droves and infest homes quickly. You definitely want to picture them as strong-armed creatures that will walk away with your picnic basket. They are even brave enough to walk right up your arm should you get in their way. If you are dealing with an ant problem, the good news is you can control them. It is important to know what type of ant you are dealing with, and the solutions that best work. Fire ant control, for example, is quite different from carpenter ants. Ant control means getting your home back and getting rid of the ants for good.

Types of Ants and Ant Control Methods

You cannot control what you do not know about. These are a few of the common ant species likely to be found in a home like yours. Crazy Ants: ‘Crazy’ is a good word to describe the infestation they can cause! These are hard to identify, but if you have them, it is best to treat them with contact insecticides since most types of bait products do not work. They are one of the more difficult types of ants to eliminate. Carpenter Ants: One of the more common forms of ants, carpenter ants can pose quite a problem when embarking on ant control. You can use contact insecticides on them, but some will do well with specialized ant baits. Using a spray home defense system designed for carpenter ants can also be helpful. Fire Ants: For fire ant control, you will need to use a contact insecticide like Demon EC or Talstar Concentrate. This should be poured onto the mounds; however, it is incredibly important not to disturb the mound before treating it, as the ants will swarm out. With any fire ant control method, killing the queen or queens is key to stopping other mounds from forming. Starting Ant Control Ant control methods like these are the best solution for getting your home back.
  • Protect your home from infestations by spraying a home defense product around the perimeter. You can find these products available for most types of ants. The ants cannot get in and therefore, cannot infest your home.
  • Use ant bait as your method of ant control. Read the instructions and label to ensure the type of ant problem you have can be eliminated by the product.
  • Contact insecticides do work. The biggest problem is that you have to spray the ants to kill them. This is difficult to do unless you have found their colony or nest.
Ant control can be extensive. You must reach all the ants and larva to completely clean out the home. It is best to be diligent in the spring and later in the fall at spraying a home defense product around the home. You can also find granular products to put onto the lawn and edging to prevent the ants from getting too close to your home. Ant control is an ongoing problem in many areas, but thankfully, you can manage it with a few easy steps.

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