“All Natural” At Home Bug Exterminators

In the last decade there has been resurgence in environmentally friendly methods and chemicals used to treat pest infestations in residential properties. All natural pest control uses chemicals and traps that are rigorously studied and have been proven not to harm either pets or humans living inside the home. Perfect for homes with young children or curious pets, these pest control methods have been proven countless times to be just as effective as harsh chemical pesticides without causing respiratory or skin irritation from incidental contact with humans or animals.


One of the best ways to naturally deal with pest problems is to cut off the entry routes into the home. Insects tend to congregate near high shrubs and overgrown grasses, so cutting turf to 3.5 inches and removing plants that touch the home will dramatically reduce possible insect invasion routes. Additionally, a trip to home depot for caulk and sealant foam and an afternoon of sealing under sinks and cabinetry can prevent insects from getting in through gaps. Finally, pests often enter the home in pursuit of moisture, so fixing leaks and repairing areas of poor drainage will remove these tantalizing attractions and will send pests packing. Bug exterminators will normally place pesticides outside of the home to create a chemical barrier that repels insects, an additional deterrent to pests entering the home.

Traps and DIY Pest Control

For minor pest problems that do not require the assistance of professional bug exterminators, there are numerous products on the market that can kill and trap pests without putting the other inhabitants of the home in danger. Some natural pesticides, such as diatomaceous earth, are non-toxic to animals and humans while being fatal for insects. For areas that are out of the way of pets, like under sinks and inside cabinets, electric traps, glue strips, and non-toxic lures can be obtained. Ensure that any trap or insect bait/poison contains ingredients certified as non-toxic, and ask a veterinarian or doctor if there is any question as to allergies or suitability of a particular product.

”Green” Bug Exterminators

Sometimes the pest problem is too much to deal with on your own and you need to call in the big guns. While the stereotypical image of the bug exterminator is of a chemical wielding man in a haz-mat suit, the days of harsh poisons and house tenting are nearly over thanks to new pest control methods and environmentally friendly chemicals. According to the National Academy of Sciences, a switch to more sustainable pesticides such as microbials allows bug exterminators to be just as efficient at eliminating bug infestations while preventing contamination of the groundwater, food supply inside the house, or surfaces that might be touched by humans or pets.

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