All About German Cockroaches

Related more closely to Asian cockroaches than any Western species, German cockroaches rank among the smaller types of cockroaches commonly found in homes around the world. Typically measuring no more than a centimeter long, they are also characterized by their dark brown color and streaks that run from the head to the base of the wings. These wings are merely decorative, as they are born with them, but still remain incapable of flying.

German cockroaches have gained an unsanitary reputation over the years, as they have become increasingly present in restaurants, food processing facilities and hotel rooms. As they are able to quickly adjust to any temperature range, German cockroaches have adapted to infiltrate any area where there is moisture and potential food sources, such as anything sugar-based, grease-filled, or produced with meat. It’s easy to see why the kitchen would be one of their favorite spots!

Other important facts on German cockroaches:

  • German cockroaches are nocturnal.
  • German cockroaches emit unpleasant odors when frightened or startled.
  • The larvae of German cockroaches can feed on the moulted skin shed by adults as a food source.
  • German cockroaches mature rapidly, which makes them easier and more expedient in reproduction.
  • German cockroaches are originally from Africa, but have been found as far north as Canada.
  • German cockroaches may turn cannibalistic in the event of being unable to find other sources of food.

Getting Rid of German Cockroaches

Like most terrestrial insects, German cockroaches are inhibited by their inability to fly and requirement of staying close to the ground. For this reason, setting up flat sticky traps in the corners and sweeping away all food crumbs should be effective preventative measure in getting rid of German cockroaches. However, calling in a professional pest exterminator to help you get rid of all the German cockroaches lingering invisibly around your home will be a surefire way to eliminate them forever. Only they can provide you with the intricate, detailed information you need about German cockroaches so that they remain long gone from the premises. Find on in your area who can solve the problem once and for all!

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